Information Links on Genes, Genetics, Genomics, and DNA

The following websites contain useful background information on various aspects of genes, genomes, and DNA.
We hope you find them useful.

National Human Genome Research Institute
Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms. This collection of terms is aimed at non-scientists.

Online Genetics Education Resources. This resource page encompasses a great collection of educational resources for non-specialists, and also provides an entry point to assess societal issues dealing with genetics.

National Center for Biotechnology Information
A Science Primer. NCBI provides many well-known services to researchers throughout the U.S. This site is useful to specialists and non-specialists alike.
PBS Nova (PBS online)
Cracking the Code of Life
(16 video chapters). Contains video clips from previously broadcast television programs. Best viewed with a higher-speed connection.
Department of Energy Genomes Programs
Contains broad information on various genomes programs supported by DOE. This site contains general information for non-specialists, but also contains resource materials and guides designed for specialists.
Department of Energy, Human Genome Project Education Resources
A DOE site about the Human Genome Project containing information designed for teachers and educators.

DNA From the Beginning: An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity. Includes sections on classical genetics, molecules of genetics, and genetic organization and control.

"Copyright and produced by the Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2002."

Genetics Information and Education for the General Public. Contains some excellent animated modules describing DNA, genetics, chromosome behavior, and much more.

Genetics for Kids. A lively collection of information and activities directed at the younger set.

Genome News Network
Provides access to timely information regarding genomes and genomics.
Online Mendelian Inheritance of Man
An excellent source of information on inherited traits in humans, including inherited diseases. However, this site is not easily used by a layperson.
Weizmann Institute of Science. A searchable database of human genes.
Science Magazine Educational Resources for Functional Genomics
A broad collection of links to other educational resources. This site is actively curated and maintained.
Genetic Science Learning Center, Eccles Institute of Human Genetics, Univ. of Utah
A whimsical educational site with information on genes, DNA, genetic issues, and molecular methods. Contains some cool animations!


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